Tarot card healing

Comment/thoughts from watch watching ABroomandTheMoon     

           I have missed your videos. You were an inspiration for me when I started doing my own tarot card readings. oo I see you have the past life deck too, I do as well. I have quite a bit more decks than I originally had, I have 10 now. But I’m sure you have many more than that. There are just so many good one’s out there. I’ve actually found it hard to warm up to new decks. Even forging a relationship with my main deck was really hard for me. I had a lot of fear for a very long time and even now I worry a bit. I never used to understand my cards like I do now. I never realize just how accurate she was, and how important it was that I listened to her. I didn’t realize that it was no coincidence when I got the cards that I did. I didn’t start realizing certain things until I started to get the same cards over and over, and more so spookily in the same place in my celtic cross spread.. and the chances of that happening are like.. 1 in 700 or so. It’s just not likely, so that’s when I understood it wasn’t chance at all.

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Thoughts on me being a vampire

Response/thoughts from watching a video. (video at end)       

       I can’t believe how good this video is. Normally people are very cruel to us. They act like there is something wrong with us and we just aren’t good enough or spiritual enough.

 I really honor how respectful you are in this video, it means a lot to me.

       Honestly at start I was worried you didn’t know what you were talking about, but now I see you do. It was very wise of you to tell us to call back our own energy, I had never thought about that in my life.

       Looking back I have given my energy away to other people, I have been made responsible for other people, my parents when i was a child and growing up. My mother is a really terrible emotional vampire, she’s always really hurt me a lot.

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I am a bringer of life and death

My comment/thoughts in reply to the supplied facebook post. 

       Well.. I don’t wake up then. I don’t want to. I need my sleep. I feel my healing maybe much more intense than other people. I am healing deep traumas and digging deep. If I don’t sleep, I just wont make it. I go through tremendous amounts of physical pain in my clearings. I am wounded, I have been wounded. My auric feild and energy body is and has been desolate. I see it, I see it in my clairvoyance. See and feel. I know it. I do. I can feel when I’m bleeding to death, I can see it too. To me, it’s no different than i’ve just had my chest destroyed and losing blood fast. I am incredibly psychic and intuitive. and it’s nothing short of devastating. It hurts me so much, I never imagined I was so wounded.

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About me [youtube] (updated)

       My name is Lily. I’m a psychic girl trying to find her way in this world. Between trying to become who I am, healing all sorts of trauma and developing my psychic abilities, this shit seriously isn’t easy on me. I’m a life coach, but I’m the one hurting. The wisdom I have and will learn is hard earned. This shit isn’t easy and I got it all on film to prove it. No one can say I didn’t go through hell and back, no one can say I didn’t work my fucking ass off. Got proof bitch.  and it’s not easy, it’s hella not easy. and I’m discouraged. I’m a being that is not of this world, I am so many things, a witch, a being of all magicks, an elf, unicorn, dragon, vampire, past king of Egypt and ice queen. This shits not cool, at all. and being in this human world I have no idea what to say anymore. The transition is kicking my fucking ass. But all I can do is walk this road. I’m angry, so angry.. because it fucking hurts. I can’t do anything but walk out my bleeding road till it makes sense.

My vision: Void creator


This is painful for me to talk about, so I left out many details and retold what happened before hand, at the end. 
I was doing a self energy healing, and while I was doing it I saw myself being healed by angels or you can call them pleadians. I was laying on a table and they were helping me clear my blocked energies. I had an intense physical pain in my chest, and the part I don’t understand is: They suddenly said to me “Your a void creator, we wont judge you” as a huge vortex of energy came out of my heart and spiraled upward, it looked like a galaxy. 
After that large release of energy I felt a lot better and my chest no longer had such tremendous pressure anymore. And since then, in my clairvoyance now I see what looks like a black and purple galaxy around me all the time, and vortxes, mostly coming from my hands or in front of me if I look outwards. It wasn’t like this beforehand. I simply saw what ever I did, but now it’s like I’m floating in space. I feel like I have a tons more creative power but It’s got me worried.. I feel exponentially more powerful but it’s frightening. It feels like a lot to take in. I was already doing my best to try to adjust to my abilities, but this hit me out of nowhere.
There’s some details I’m too scared to tell people actually.. I did the healing to try and heal my inner blocks and problems, my problem was I was disconnected from the universe as a whole, and I had problems recieving and my divine femanine energy was all blocked. and so when I did the healing, before I even got to the table with the angels/pleaians, it was like monsters where tearing out of where me heart was, as if I was a monster, and it did this for many layers until I rose up more and more.. and when I did get to a higher relm for my healing, all that was left of me was like a slab of clay, and they had to chizzle out a structure for my light/astral body again, and it’s after I finally had a form, that they started to heal me and the galaxy energy streamed from my chest. and they said I was a void creator. I’m worried they said they’d not judge me, as if a void creator was weird or bad??

Help me :( What is a void creator/maker?

A comment I made on his video. (his reply at end)

If anyone else can answer and has any ideas, that’d be great.

While doing an energy healing on myself, I saw myself laying on a table being healed by angels, and I was in a lot of pain. and from my heart was streaming out what looks like galaxys, and the angels were trying to hold me down as they healed me and they said “Your a void creator(maker?), We wont judge you”.

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