How to heal: My healing process, step by step.

I was thinking of my level of expertise and what my many years of research and self-exploration has gotten me. I believe it’s possible to heal anything if you know what you are doing. I personally focus on healing emotional trauma and less than favorable behavior.


The most important thing to do while healing is to have an open work space, meaning you have to be willing and prepared to accept all possibilities and take responsible for them.

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Pondering my future as a intuitive life coach.

(Response to a video I was watching) 

I see a lot of life coaches on youtube, I am one of them, and I see you are not. I see your a psychotherapist. and I was thinking to myself what the difference is between a life coach and a therapist/psychologist etc etc.

I’m still a new life coach, and I’m still forming how I do things and I know I run by being an intuitive life coach, so I use my psychic abilities and divination along with my knowledge in psychology to help people. There’s a balance. Sometimes people need coaching and sometimes people need/want to understand something that only divination can give.

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Have a fucking heart, mental illness is real.

Response to some asshole who is spiritual and were giving signs of an indigo child, he basically said mental illness didnt exist and he was a psychologist. 

Ok so.. I have understanding of mental illness, and I have an understanding of energy. I’m clairsentient and an emapth myself. Mental illness is real. Bi-polar is real and ADHD is real. Do I think all the people they are calling these things have it? No. I have an understanding the psychiatry system and pharmaceutical system is out to make money, above human lives. Stress and trauma can result in hyper activity. I thought a theory about this before I even started to truly study psychology, it’s something I know by studying and observing my own self. I dislike greatly that you and other people sit there and claim shit doesnt exist, when it does.

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