I believe I am meant for greatness

     I was responding to a friends comment, but I thought I’d share what I said, here.

I’d like to believe I was a less harmful narcissist because I didn’t focus on destroying people, I actually normally was the person picked on and abused. But that doesn’t change my lack of internal functioning that is the fundamentals of narcissists. I have a conscious, least sometimes.

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I am my family’s scapegoat.

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Words can’t express how displeased I am with my family.

To what degree they lack honor is astounding. Their bullshit meters are through the fucking roof.

The saddest thing is, the biggest sin in my house is the desire to understand, and along with that, being right.

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Please support my youtube channel<3

Hey guys 🙂 I really want to be a successful youtuber. I have about 300 videos, 99% of them are vlogs of my thoughts, but I am also starting to draw and show captured writing. I would really appreciate it if everyone subscribed and really shared my channel around so I can get support and grow my channel. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Sara marie


How to heal: My healing process, step by step.

I was thinking of my level of expertise and what my many years of research and self-exploration has gotten me. I believe it’s possible to heal anything if you know what you are doing. I personally focus on healing emotional trauma and less than favorable behavior.


The most important thing to do while healing is to have an open work space, meaning you have to be willing and prepared to accept all possibilities and take responsible for them.

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Humbled and appreciative

I feel humbled and appreciative for my revelations. It feels so good to have them. To understand better, to feel connected. I’ve been in a hella lotta pain lately, it’s been terrible. And it’s been due to working towards being aware and responsible for my life or ego-driven, less than favorable behavior. I say I maybe have been less pleasant than most people, and for that I am very sorry. So even  more so I feel humbled and appreciative to be able to make different choices.

I am very thankful for the chance life and the great spirit has given me. It’s so nice to feel a heart in my chest…….. just a nice feeling.

Awareness … “consciousness”

I know people talk about consciousness like it’s going outta style, but my last post really was a revelation for me.


It really hit me just how different things were from when I felt more awake, conscious and objective vs the days when I was ego-driven. I still struggle, but there’s a distinct difference, the power to choose. The power to see with different eyes.

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