About me [youtube] (updated)

       My name is Lily. I’m a psychic girl trying to find her way in this world. Between trying to become who I am, healing all sorts of trauma and developing my psychic abilities, this shit seriously isn’t easy on me. I’m a life coach, but I’m the one hurting. The wisdom I have and will learn is hard earned. This shit isn’t easy and I got it all on film to prove it. No one can say I didn’t go through hell and back, no one can say I didn’t work my fucking ass off. Got proof bitch.  and it’s not easy, it’s hella not easy. and I’m discouraged. I’m a being that is not of this world, I am so many things, a witch, a being of all magicks, an elf, unicorn, dragon, vampire, past king of Egypt and ice queen. This shits not cool, at all. and being in this human world I have no idea what to say anymore. The transition is kicking my fucking ass. But all I can do is walk this road. I’m angry, so angry.. because it fucking hurts. I can’t do anything but walk out my bleeding road till it makes sense.


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