Help me :( What is a void creator/maker?

A comment I made on his video. (his reply at end)

If anyone else can answer and has any ideas, that’d be great.

While doing an energy healing on myself, I saw myself laying on a table being healed by angels, and I was in a lot of pain. and from my heart was streaming out what looks like galaxys, and the angels were trying to hold me down as they healed me and they said “Your a void creator(maker?), We wont judge you”.

I say angels, but I Was connecting with the pleadians actually. It’s all the same to me.

So I was googling stuff.. and apparently void, ether and akasha are similar or the same thing? I had no idea what was going on. Everything hurt so bad, including my physical chest near my heart, but I felt better after the streams of galaxy were released from my chest. and then after that, I felt even better when I connected in oneness with the galaxy and not apart, because that was very physically painful to me.

I’m an infant compared to knowing what is happening to me. I know I’m very psychic, very connected to energies, a medium, a channelor, clairvoyant and clairsentient, but I guess in the end I don’t really know what it all means. I was born this way but I struggle to put all the peices togeather, to truly know and understand it all. I’m undeveloped. Undeveloped abilities and understanding of them. Sometimes I feel like a loaded gun. I have all this raw abilities and no structure for it. I know some basics of the universe and I am very wise.. but I am still a beginner. I know my path stretches out forever and I really need some help getting my footing. If you can shed any light on what’s happening to me, and what a void creator is, I’d appreciate it.


His answer:

 “I can absolutely shed some light on everything. So the first thing : you have experienced an awakening. If you subscribe to a channel ill be making lots of videos soon on a lot of these topics that you may or may not have heard about. The extra terrestrial beings have awakened you with healing energy. Now that you are awakened your path suddenly has changed. If you listen carefully to the messages and downloads that you receive from your mind and go with the flow your path will pick up a current and abundance will follow. For instance pay attention to synchronicity. You randomly decided to comment on my channel and i happen to have the exact answers on AKASHA/Ether/void. One word. Source. We are all one infinite source of energy connected metaphysically with electromagnetic energy. If you quiet your over stimulated mind with ritual and meditation you awaken your awareness to that energy using your pineal gland. Your pineal gland (you should research this asap) produces dmt the spirit molecule which can connect you to source energy.That source energy opened up a portal. What a “void creator” could be, is a somebody who creates akasha energy or channels void energy to harness energy and offer a service to yourself or others. You could be a shaman, or a healer or have the potential for occult ritual magick power. Feel free to message, or contact me at any time for more questions/and/or guidance. I wouldnt worry so much about it, try to take your time and let source guide you. Your path changes constantly and develops over time, try doing more work with the galactic beings. Ill be making videos on ET contact and healing soon as well. And try to remain balanced and grounded, dont overwhelm your psyche, its easy to do when working with this stuff.Also There are sooooooOOOOOOoOOooOO maaaannnnyyyy different EFFECTIVE systems for having spiritual or occult experiences. Many different termonologies and much different races of angels, demons, ancestors ect. So its easy to get lost in it all. I dont know anything about whatever system the void is from. But it sounds like it could be another way of connecting to source.”



5 thoughts on “Help me :( What is a void creator/maker?

  1. It’s my feeling that what they are talking about is an energetic void. When we do energy work it’s important to maintain balance. For example: if you clean the expired produce out of your fridge, you must fill that empty space with fresh produce.

    Thus: if you remove energy, you need to replace it with energy; and vise versa.


    • Thank you for responding. I don’t think that’s what I mean though. It’s bigger than that. It’s why I posted the video I did. It has something to do with ether and akasha. Not meaning a literal void. Void as in sky or space or the galaxy I suppose as said in some cultures. I’m looking for a spiritual expert to help me find my answer.


      • It’s my pleasure to respond. I would like to mention that I offer professional spiritual guidance, therefore my comment was made based on an intuitive message I received.

        I understand how my comment could have come across as minimizing your experience; my apologies.

        While a great discussion on ether and Life Force Energy is always a wonderful moment, I will end my comments by wishing you luck on finding the answer you are searching for.

        Have a blessed day.


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