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Your external reality is no longer an indication of your evolving consciousness

“In celebration of entering 5D as empty as possible, your external reality is no longer an indication of your evolving consciousness. If anything, the way in which characters behave reflect a way of being that you have outgrown, as you forge a path in an exciting new direction that you cannot fathom, anticipate, avoid, or deny. As you enter 5D consciousness more open, vulnerable, and empty than ever before, you release judgments that resting in nothing means you are deficient or left out in some way.”

The light body

“The light body is the radiance of your soul that awakens once you have made peace with life’s divine plan and relaxed into the emptiness of being.”

“Once the light body is fully activated, each person, place, or thing can be welcomed, transmuted and returned to its original form, at the rate in which everything is breathed into your core and breathed back out as blessings for all.”

Behavior of others do not reflect something imbalanced in you

“From this higher dimensional perspective, the people, places, and things that come your way are like flashcards created to help you practice bringing forth more conscious responses.

This means the actions and behavior of others do not reflect something imbalanced in you, but were created as opportunities to match their unconsciousness with a greater conscious response. When someone complains, we respond with a compliment.

When someone judges you, say “thank you”. If someone is having a bad day, offer a smile. And, throughout it all, if anything triggers you, take it as a reminder of the perfect moment in time to stop and love your heart more sincerely and deeply than ever before.”

Indigo and crystal children mistreated

The New Children are Coming in Already Crystalline

Matthew Ward tells us that “the children whom you call Indigo or Crystal came in with or have acquired crystalline DNA.”  (10) He explained what many of the indigos particularly had to go through

“Souls are being born in bodies with the enhanced DNA of crystalline cellular structure and are rightfully referred to as Crystal Children. Others with increased intellectual capacity, spiritual clarity and aspirations came in the two generations before the Crystals and are known as Indigos.

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