I had a dream I was writing a book.

The book was called “The key to happiness: Empathy” ‘Inspired by the 7 habits for highly effective people.’


Was a weird dream.


The 90’s really was amazing…wow i was unhappy.

I really miss roller skating rinks. I suppose they are still around, that’s cool =) I gotta do more fun things again. I miss things like bowling. I miss a lot of things. We used to do all sorts of things when I was a kid. I suppose I forget that though.

I guess I have been just so hurt over my past, It’s been hard to accept the good times. Because I felt if I was happy over things, that that would undermine my pain, even now I feel that way a little. I’m just beyond devistated, I just feel nothing in the world can make up for the abuse.. and honestly nothing can………..

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My youth.. Lemme tell you before I forget.

Before I forget, I wanna talk about my youth a little.

I’m going to state some key words so i can prok more memories some time in the future.

Lamb chop, the adams family game, whats it called when you watch a movie from you car in a feild– Drive in movie?? My baby sitter Ally. Summer camp. bubble gum, zebra gum, summer saults, hand stands, feild trips, fire places, teepies at camp. The woods at camp. salamanders. First adition pokemon cards, charizard, gloom. School buses.

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Accepting our pain

I’ve been writing in twitter again, many posts, when I should have been writing here. I just need a place I can write my thoughts with out being limited by characters.

I can’t impress enough how disgusted I am with the positive thinking movement. I feel like they truly are the cause of our pain and suffering. They walk around like they are so holy and good, when they are the poison.

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