May the Goddess bring you peace


Empath food for thought

This picture is very interesting. Maybe my failures and flaws are not what I think of them to be, maybe they are a result from undeveloped psychic/empathic abilities. I never thought about that before, I just assumed I was some failure of a human being who felt anxious and tormented all the time.

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Crazy dream of power and consequences I had last night.

(Response to Elizabeth Peru’s tip off email) Even her free emails are super good.

Wow, I have been experiencing interrupted sleep just as you said in the email. Even now i only slept 4 hours and had a crazy dream. Kinda scary too. The dream was about having the ability to materialize anything I wanted, instantly. Sorta like a witch on TV, snap your fingers kinda thing. So I did, and It seemed like I was going too fast, and I also noticed there were books kept every time i materialized something, and money wouldnt materialize well. It went so far that I could do anything, expect manifest money. So in the dream I went to see a TV producer, I told him I could help him with his actors and bring him success if he hired me. The man was a cruel, greedy man. He did say he’d pay me “5 and something” for helping him save his leading TV show, which was being out viewed by another TV show I had helped the star with a confidence boost.

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About me. September 6th 2015

September 6th 2015,

Me and Bright healing are one in the same. I am Bright healing, Bright healing is me. My name is Sara marie. I am the intuative life coach of Bright Healing.

I want to say this upfront. Despite my skills and knowlege in psychology and my ability to help people, my goal isn’t to be “professional”. Professional as in formal, fake and boring, fuck that shit for real.

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My heart. June 2015.

If there ever was a reason why I act, it’s because I love. I stand for the people who have no voice. I stand for the people who are being ignored, slipped through the cracks, thrown out and discarded. You are my family. I stand for the broken hearted. I know the pain of watching your heart shatter, and fall through your fingers and knowing there is nothing you can do. Watching things just fall, as you cry. The world’s greatest pain.

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Chakra wisdom oracle deck, My heart spilling out.

Hey Tori,
My name is Sara marie.

I really love tarot/oracle cards. I just bought your chakra wisdom deck (from amazon) and I love it. Being the critical and cynical person that I am, previously I was being critical about your deck and drawings, just as I am of my own self and drawings. Just as I told myself my drawings will never be professional level and i might as well give up, and i did. I thought that your drawings weren’t super professional either.

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