Discovering I am a type four.

I can’t believe I maybe a type four. I thought I was a type one. But I think I maybe type four with a strong one. which is no wonder why I worry I’m like a 3, or I worry about the details like a type 4… The thing is, I had forgotten things about myself. I had been living or thinking I was living as a type 1 for a long time, which is the opossit of a type 4. I have realized that I do act opposit of how I feel. I am a perfectionist, unto the point of OCD, I’ve been very critical and mean to people. I have always been quite blunt, to the point and black and white. I like control and structure and your RIGHT! I want to be the one who gives it to MYSELF! If my teachers try to get me to do something in college, I DONT WANT TO!!

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How to be happy. <—- my website

Sunflowers bring happiness

I’m writing a book and I want to call it “how to be happy”

I want to talk about how it doesn’t matter where you come from or where your going, you can be happy. I believe happiness stems from accepting yourself just where you are in life. Too often I feel that people feel they must be perfect, they must do everything right in order to be loved and accepted by other people. As if the path to happiness was making others happy or everything outside of us, leaving our own self and inner world behind.

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I saw a vision. Remember this. 10-20-15

I saw a vision of a moon or store house of the books I will sell one day. and I saw a table where I was signing something, as if it was a shipment of books. There was a logo that was a rectangle with thick black borders and red inside.

It felt like the smell of a convention really. It was a new smell. Like a new room. You see, it was a room with white walls, but there was nothing but boxes of books in the whole room.