Do you feel so alone..

I hate feeling alone. Life losing it’s color, the light fading. I’m so tired of trying. I don’t wanna try anymore, I want to give up. Life would be easier if I just gave up.

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I hate it.

I hate feeling I have to be perfect, and I hate losing. I hate losing games, over and over again. Losing hurts a lot. and what I hate more, is that people may insult me for feeling the way I do, but I guess they just lack empathy. I still get the voice in my head that judges me, all be it less, I just it never spoke to me again.

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Seeing beyond the death around us.

There is this notion out there that in an effort to move on from the past, we need to deny or not feel our emotions, or more so, if we still have feelings for anyone from the past, we must have not moved on. So it’s this spiral of suggesting that our feelings are invalid and should not be. Why do we so blindly accept this? and why has it become our norm? I was lead to believe if I still cared about someone I once dated, I must be flawed. Through this logic it is said I can not love someone new, unless I forget someone from the past. But again, this is naming our emotions to be invalid.

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